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Professional production: M6 to M30 (10B-45B), the third mock examination three punch, four die four punch, five die five punch, etc

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Pingyang Tianwei Machinery Co., Ltd

Pingyang Tianwei Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various bolt cold heading forming equipment. Specializing in the production of M6 to M30, the third mock examination with three punches, four dies with four punches, five dies with five punches, six dies with six punches, and various lengthening and extra long multi station bolt cold heading machines. Multi station bolt cold heading machine is widely used in the production of furniture screws, auto and motorcycle parts, national standard parts, power bolts, steel structure bolts and non-standard bolts. We have cold heading design and manufacturing technology in line with international standards, experienced innovative technical personnel, and advanced product processing equipment.

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